Personal Effectiveness, Productivity and Relaxation

by on November 14, 2009

Years ago Paul Anderson (RIP) had a website called that described the interelationship between mind and sight and how one could reduce vision problems by relaxing the mind. In one article he describes the behaviour of five individuals each exhibiting different levels of relaxation in their day to day activity. He, correctly in my view, explictily linked high levels of relaxation with high productivity and rushed but ineffectual activity with reduced ability to relax. Here is an extract from his description of what he termed the level V and level IV person:

Leval V

A very calm, clear, and poised person. He is aware of most of his or her movements throughout the day and very rarely loses anything. His memory is excellent. This person is so relaxed that he relaxes others by just being around them. He finds life extremely pleasant and stunningly beautiful. Great peace and tranquillity is his normal state. May have rare episodes of being disturbed which are easily set aside should he decide to do so or once the event is over.

Level IV

Steady and even minded in temperament. Clear minded, productive. He is able to operate in what others find to be stressful environments without losing his mental poise. Occasionally he wishes that others would move faster around him. This person can work for long hours without getting tired, or easily regenerates after working to the point of fatigue.

I have been fortunate in my life to meet a couple of level fives. I’m not talking about people that just exhibit a deep calmness or presence but that are also highly productive, engaged, interested and deeply knowledgeable about numerous subjects.

A shortcut strategy to personal effectiveness is to imitate these people. That means that you model their way of being and thinking. I have made a short list of notable physiological and behavioural traits that are worth  considering. Please let me know of other traits that need mentioning.

Some Notable Physiological and Character Traits of an Effective and Productive Man

  • He is present and mindful
  • He projects his voice, He has good posture
  • His breathing is slow rhythmic and deep
  • He has goals but he maintains a relaxed focus in the moment on the task at hand. He has the ability to concentrate deeply on a task without tensing up or over trying.
  • Shoulders relaxed. He sits back leaning away from the activity and relaxes into the moment.
  • He (internally) tries to find the humour in the particular situation he is in. Forces himself happy.
  • A polarity responder when presented with severe criticism or negativisms. When confronted with a difficulty, says something very upbeat in a deep commanding tone. It is like as if he is amused by the situation as if he is responding to some other thought or some strong image.
  • A man of precision, focus and mastery he is disciplined, strong willed, deep, driven, not easily intimidated.

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