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ezpz hosting

As you recall from my review of ezpzhosting, I recommend ezpz hosting as the best uk webhosting. The team at ezpz provide brilliant quality web hosting at a very competitive price. And the ezpz master package, which I use, has unlimited domains and email addresses, a whopping 30,000MB disk space and 200,000MB monthly bandwidth.

The cost per month for their UK based web hosting (master package) works out at only £6.67 a month based on an upfront one year payment.

But now you can get it for even less as brilliantstrategies have acquired a 10% once off coupon from ez pz! It’s easy! On the ezpzhosting purchase page just type in the coupon code “ezpzcoupon” to receive your reduction!

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If you are searching for a reliable, professional webhosting service ezpzhosting comes highly recommended. A private company started in 2007, ezpz are currently hosting over 33,000 websites and provide UK based and US based servers. I use ezpzhosting to host this site and six others. I have been with ezpz since 2007 and my experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

Best UK Web Hosting

I genuinely believe that ezpzhosting is the best UK based web hosting (I know they also do US based web hosting but I don’t have experience of their US operation). Before Ezpz I was with two other uk based web hosting companies – one which went bankrupt leaving me without a service and the other which never returned emails or phone calls!

Ease of Use And Support Response Times

Ezpz were different. Although they claim that their current average response time to a customer support query is 7 minutes  I can honestly say that they have often been much quicker!! As well as being fast they are really helpful in their response to any support queries. They have an easy to use control panel for administering your sites and domains and they have a client area that you can log in  to access a helpful knowledge base and raise support tickets.

What they offer

So what do they offer? In terms of services there are three main categories:  Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Dedicated Servers packages.
Since I only have experience of Web Hosting I am focusing on that.

Features of Webhosting

There are three web hosting packages available Junior, Senior and Master. All of them have the following features:

  • Free Domain Name for Life
  • Easy To Use Control Panel
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Reliable server with guaranteed 99.9% uptime

There are three web hosting packages available Junior, Senior and Master. The junior hosting package allows you to have only one domain name. I started out with the senior which allows you to have 5 domains but eventually upgraded to the master package which allows unlimited domains! The pricing can be by month or there are also six monthly or annual or biannual options. I personally prefer annual payment. I have listed  a comparison of their uk hosting packages below.

ezpzhosting UK Web Hosting Packages


Disadvantages of EZPZ Hosting and Overall Rating

I am promoting ezpz not only because I am an affiliate but because they are really excellent. In the interests of honesty, I do want to mention the single disadvantage of their hosting. That  is the relatively high cost of registering .com and .net domain names (currently £8 I think) compared to some of the American web hosting companies. On the other hand the .co.uk domains are registered very cheaply. I suppose this is only an issue if you are planning on registering many .com domains.
In any case they do offer the highest quality web hosting services at the lowest possible prices (or free if you are a charity!), I am sure of that. Please do check out Ezpzhosting today!


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